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How is a taxi fare
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Several factors impact the taxi fare in Abu Dhabi

Taxi fare (2024)

Base fee (day)
Price per KM
1.8 AED
Waiting time per hour
Taxi rate calculation example

Let’s say you want to get from your hotel to Abu Dhabi city center and the ride is 5km. You’re traveling by day and you have 1 luggage. Your total price will be 21 AED.

Taxi fare calculator

Taxi fare in Abu Dhabi

When planning a trip to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, it's essential to understand local taxi rates to budget for transportation. In Abu Dhabi, the base rate for a taxi is 12 AED, with an additional cost of 1.8 AED per kilometer traveled. The hourly waiting rate is 30 AED.

Abu Dhabi taxi fares can be estimated using the Abu Dhabi Taxi Fare Calculator, which takes into account factors such as route and destination. Taxis provide a convenient and reliable transportation option in the city and are an affordable way to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Factors such as traffic and weather conditions can influence the final taxi fare. By understanding how much a taxi in Abu Dhabi costs, you can make informed decisions about transportation during your trip. Whether you're traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or exploring the city's modern architecture and cultural attractions, knowing Abu Dhabi taxi rates will help ensure a smooth journey in this dynamic destination.

Taxi fare in United Arab Emirates
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