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How is a taxi fare
calculated in Barbados

Several factors impact the taxi fare in Barbados

Taxi fare (2024)

Base fee (day)
Price per KM
3.8 BBD
Waiting time per hour
Taxi rate calculation example

Let’s say you want to get from Bridgetown hotel to the airport and the ride is 5 km. You’re traveling by day, and you have 1 luggage. You total price will be 39 BBD.

Taxi fare calculator

Taxi fare in Barbados

Navigating Barbados by taxi is a convenient way to explore the island, but understanding Barbados taxi rates is essential for budgeting your trip. The base rate for taxis in Barbados is 20 BBD, with a price per kilometer of 5 BBD and an hourly waiting charge of 80 BBD.

To estimate taxi fares in Barbados, use the Barbados Taxi Fare Calculator, which takes into account the route and destination. Note that there is no Uber in Barbados, making taxis the primary choice for private transportation.

Barbados taxi prices can be higher compared to other destinations, but they provide reliable and comfortable transportation. Whether you're going from the airport or exploring the island, familiarizing yourself with taxi rates in Barbados will help you plan your journey and make informed decisions for a memorable vacation.

Taxi fare in Barbados
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