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How is a taxi rate
calculated in Curacao

Taxi rates in Curacao are fixed and are set by the government

Taxi rate in Curacao

In Curacao, taxis operate without meters, but drivers are equipped with government-issued fixed rate cards. If you are traveling at night or with more than 4 passengers, be prepared for a 25% rate increase. It is also customary to leave a 10% tip. WHen taking a taxi in Curacao Always discuss and agree upon the fare before boarding the taxi.

Taxi rates examples
Airport -> Willemstad 55 ANG
Port -> Westpoint 215 ANG
Port -> Airport 60 ANG
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Taxi fare in Curacao

When planning a trip to Curacao, it's important to understand local taxi rates to budget for transportation expenses. In Curacao, the base rate for a taxi is 25 ANG, with an additional cost of 6 ANG per kilometer traveled. The hourly waiting rate is 75 ANG.

Curacao taxi rates can vary, but taxis provide a convenient and reliable transportation option on the island. By familiarizing yourself with taxi prices in Curacao, you can make informed decisions about transportation during your vacation.

Factors such as traffic and weather conditions can influence the final taxi fare. By knowing how much a taxi in Curacao costs, you can better manage your travel budget and ensure a smooth journey in this beautiful Caribbean destination. Whether you're exploring the island's pristine beaches or colorful architecture, understanding Curacao taxi prices will help make your trip even more enjoyable.

Curacao Taxi Rates Highlights

Fixed rates
Fixed rates
No meters in Curacao, rates are set by the government
Price surge in Curacao
Price surge in Curacao
Night time +25%
4+ passengers +25%
10% tip is normal in Curacao but not mandatory
Discuss the price before taking a taxi in Curacao
Curacao Taxi Rates Tips
Know the Rates
In Curacao, taxis don't use meters. Know the fixed rate for your destination
Tip Accordingly
Offering a 10% tip in Curacao is customary, but not obligatory
Safety First
Opt for official Curacao taxis identifiable by their "TX" license plate prefix
Leverage Hotel Resources
When in Curacao, your hotel's front desk can often recommend trustworthy taxi services
Pre-negotiate Rates
Settle on a price upfront in Curacao to avoid surprises
Anticipate Surcharges
In Curacao, nighttime rides or groups over four can see a 25% price increase

Official taxis license plate in Curacao start with “TX”

curacao taxi plate

Taxi prices are fixed by Zone in Curacao

Taxi prices in Curacao
Taxi fare in Curacao
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