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How is a taxi fare
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Several factors impact the taxi fare in Dominican Republic

Taxi fare (2024)

Base fee (day)
Price per KM
170 DOP
Waiting time per hour
Taxi rate calculation example

Let’s say you want to get from Santo Domingo hotel to the airport and the ride is 5 km. You’re traveling by day, and you have 1 luggage. You total price will be 1050 DOP.

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Taxi fare in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, known for its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, attracts numerous tourists every year. While visiting this Caribbean paradise, it's essential to be familiar with local taxi rates to make your trip enjoyable and hassle-free.

Dominican Republic taxi rates begin with a base fare of 200 DOP, with an additional 170 DOP per kilometer. If you need a taxi to wait for you, expect to pay around 300 DOP per hour. These rates are standard across the country, helping you budget for transportation and explore the various attractions with ease.

Taxis are a reliable mode of transport in the Dominican Republic, and knowing the costs associated with them will ensure you're not overpaying for your rides. So, whether you're exploring bustling Santo Domingo or enjoying the tranquility of a remote beach, these taxi prices will help you navigate the Dominican Republic with confidence and comfort.

Taxi fare in Dominican Republic
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